What is our Collective Ambition at SJI?

Our Collective Ambition unites us under a singular vision, purpose, and aspiration, driven by every one of us.

Our vision is what we hope to achieve. As One SJI, we aspire to build a cleaner energy future and achieve 100% carbon neutral operations by 2040.
Our brand promise is the commitment we make to our customers. At SJI, we promise to be your trusted partner, delivering energy solutions that fit your life.
Our priorities are our areas of focus in pursuit of our vision, split into three pillars: drive growth, operate with excellence, and lead with purpose.
Our values are what we stand for – for us, these are safety, service, community, and inclusion.
To support all the components of our Collective Ambition, we must act accordingly. SJI’s leaders think big, lead and inspire, do the right thing, and deliver results.

Every employee within the organization plays a role in and is aware of our Collective Ambition.

Our Collective Ambition unites us under a singular vision, purpose, and aspiration, driven by every one of us.

SJI Utilities

SJI Utilities, SJI’s regulated natural gas business, delivers safe, reliable, affordable natural gas to more than 700,000 South Jersey Gas and Elizabethtown Gas customers.
Elizabethtown Gas

South Jersey Gas, headquartered in Atlantic City, NJ, serves more than 415,306 familes and businesses in 117 southern NJ communities.

Elizabethtown Gas

Elizabethtown Gas, headquartered in Union, NJ, serves approximately 309,896 families and businesses in 110 northern NJ communities.

SJI Energy Enterprises

SJI Energy Enterprises (SJIEE) houses the company’s non-utility operations, further categorized into SJI Renewable Energy Ventures, South Jersey Resources Group, and SJI Energy Investments. In an effort to develop clean energy and infrastructure that supports decarbonization, SJIEE primarily focuses on renewable energy production and energy management activities.
The importance of providing an outstanding experience to our customers is core to everything we do at SJI. As a result, we continually strive to modernize critical infrastructure and enhance our customer experience for our 700,000 customers and businesses that rely on us for safe, reliable, affordable natural gas. We are proud to provide the quality service our customers expect and deserve without sacrificing affordability.
Our Customers
As a trusted community partner, SJI is committed to sustainable business practices and reports progress on numerous initiatives through its annual Environmental, Social, and Governance report. SJI’s ESG Management Committee is responsible for developing and implementing the company’s critical human capital management, sustainability and ESG strategies, initiatives, and policies. Here are some highlights from SJI’s 2022 report:
Our Customers

The Environment

At SJI, we are committed to advancing positive environmental outcomes. In 2022, we expanded on our commitment to reduce emissions, increased our investments in cleaner energy, and advocated for environmental protection and land restoration, making efficient energy accessible to our customers and community.
  • Catamaran Renewables, a partnership between SJI’s Marina Energy and energy investor Captona, currently operates several fuel cell projects producing 12.5 megawatts of electricity. Catamaran is also evaluating other fuel cell opportunities in the Northeast.
  • SJI’s clean energy development subsidiary SJI Renewable Energy Ventures, in partnership with energy logistics and development expert REV LNG LLC, expanded its renewable natural gas portfolio at large dairy farms throughout the United States with early development of more than 20 projects. These projects support approximately 2.7M MMBtu of RNG Production and will enter commissioning phases throughout 2023 and 2024, with additional projects anticipated to enter the construction phase during the period.
  • Marina Energy expanded on its commitment to reduce emissions by adding four on-site net metered solar locations, bringing the total installed capacity of the solar portfolio to 4.2 MW. These additional solar projects at both South Jersey Gas and Elizabethtown Gas facilities, as well as SJI’s Corporate office have reduced the company’s overall carbon footprint.
  • In addition to the projects at SJIEE, South Jersey Gas continued the design and construction of a green hydrogen project at the South Jersey Gas New Sentury Compression Station.

Our Community

SJI invests time, as well as human and financial resources, into the communities where we live and work through community partnerships, corporate and employee giving, economic development, and community service. In 2022, we continued and amplified these investments through the following ventures:
  • Investments totaling approximately $847,000 in financial support and over $160,000 in employee giving, exceeding the 2021 record year. For the first time, SJI provided a dollar-for-dollar match to double the total to more than $330,000.

Learn more here:
  • Provided outreach and education to our customers, helping over 23,000 customers secure more than $10 million emergency assistance funding.

The American Gas Association recognized South Jersey Gas and Elizabethtown Gas for safety performance, naming each a 2020 Industry Leader in Accident Prevention. This is the second consecutive year both utilities received this award,

For five years in a row, Escalent has recognized Elizabethtown Gas as an “Easiest To Do Business With” utility.


Executive Women of New Jersey recognized SJI as a member of its Seat at the Table Honor Roll for having three or more women on the company’s Board of Directors.

For nine years in a row, Elizabethtown Gas has ranked highest in customer satisfaction for residential gas service among east midsize utilities by J.D. Power and Associates.


Life at SJI

During my career at SJI, I have been part of the accelerated pipeline replacement projects in many communities. The investments SJI and SJG have made to provide safe, reliable and affordable energy is what makes me proud to be part of this company. I look forward to being part of the future growth as One SJI under one Collective Ambition.

Pedro Colon
Manager, Field Operations
I appreciate the opportunities that SJI has provided to support my career in the field of health and safety. SJI operates with safety as a core value for our customers and employees. Our leadership team is dedicated to building a strong safety culture through mutual trust and collaboration. I am proud to be part of this organization and excited to see what the future holds for SJI.

Stephanie Farley
Director, Safety
When I was looking for my next opportunity, I wanted to be with an organization that serviced the greater good of the community and one where I could actively participate in that mission. In my time here, SJI has recognized me for my contributions as well as given me the ability to ensure that our suppliers and employees’ communities have equal footing in their pursuit of success.

Will Smith
Vice President, Enterprise Project Management